Data Science and Translation

Data and Science are your Best Friends. At  Savancy, we bring them together and Translate into Actionable Business Insights.

Data Science and Machine Learning are becoming the backbone of businesses. While the data science programs at organizations continue to mature, the challenges are also more complex with growing data volume and changing technological trends.

The data will continue to grow exponentially. Moreover, disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic are breaking many machine learning models and making them obsolete. Organizations will need to shift focus from big to small and wide data.

While key opportunities and values of Data Science and Machine Learning are realized when the maturity of the data program reaches Level 5, you may find ROI at an earlier level. At Savancy, we begin by understanding your goals as well as challenges.  We then audit the current maturity level of your data science program. Post the audit, Savancy will put together a customized roadmap that is right for your organization.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Strategy Planning
  • Model Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Optimization

Ready Your Translating Ever-Changing Data and Business Environment into Actionable Insights?

  • In the world of big talk, Savancy made our Data talk big. They helped us save $1.7 Million in overprinting coupon penalties by providing current promotion insights up to 3-minutes ago from over 2 million POS transactions every hour across the country.

    Dak Liyanearachchi Chief Data Officer at a Digital Marketing company
  • Our outsourcing policy restricts any department or team from giving a single vendor more than a third of the business. Savancy’s work was that much ahead that we had to go the highest management to seek an exception to allocate over 60% of the work to their team. I don’t think there can be a better testimonial than that.

    Orla Cunningham Sr. Program Manager at a leading software company
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