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Align Your Learning with the Digital and Personalized Needs of Your Audience.
Omni-Channel Learning with AI-based personalized suggestions.

One-Stop Partner for All Your Learning Needs

As businesses come to terms with the new, post-COVID era, the need for a remote, right-shored, right-skilled workforce has become more critical than ever before in history. Add to it the challenge of fast-changing technology, global & multicultural workforce, squeezing budgets, and personalized learning ways of this generation. Whether your challenge is one of these or a more traditional challenge of scale, consistent quality, cost reduction, Savancy’s learning experts can address them. Savancy understands the efficiencies of a one-stop partner and provides capabilities to address all your Learning needs.

With the emergence of digital technologies, we have seen a rise in blended learning models. By mixing traditional education with digital applications, employees can gain knowledge both in and outside of the workplace, with and without formal instruction. This fulfills the purpose of digital learning, which is to bring education to the employee.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Omni-Channel Learning
    • Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry)
    • eLearning
    • Classroom
    • Blended
  • Learning Games
  • Videos, Animations, and Simulations
  • Augmented Reality Learning
  • Psychometric-Tested Certifications
  • AI-based Personalized Learnings Suggestions
  • AI-based Performance and Problem-Solving Support

Is your Digital Transformation aligned with your Customer needs?

  • Our outsourcing policy restricts any department or team from giving a single vendor more than a third of the business. Savancy’s work was that much ahead that we had to go the highest management to seek an exception to allocate over 60% of the work to their team. I don’t think there can be a better testimonial than that.

    Orla Cunningham Sr. Program Manager at a leading software company
  • Never realized the importance or power of Data Insights into training until Savancy integrated meaningful Data Analytics in all our Digital Training. We are now spending almost 40% money and achieving better training results.

    Karie Ann Schultz Program Manager at a Telecommunications company
  • In the world of big talk, Savancy made our Data talk big. They helped us save $1.7 Million in overprinting coupon penalties by providing current promotion insights up to 3-minutes ago from over 2 million POS transactions every hour across the country.

    Dak Liyanearachchi Chief Data Officer at a Digital Marketing company
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